COVID ALERT! As required by the State of WA, please sanitize your computer, wear a mask, gloves and observe 6 foot social distancing when bringing in your computer for repair. Thank you

Mac, Laptop & Computer Repairs, Bellingham, WA
***28+ years Computer repair experience in my own shops***
I offer Free Pick up & Delivery only if along the way I'm going.(Fee if not in Bellingham)
Office: 2326 North Shore Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226 (By appointment only)(Click Map)
* * * Very G R E E N - Environmentally conscious:
90% of my office was built with recycled materials. * * *

At Your Service: Cell # 360-550-8882
Email: Click here to email me

Affordable Onsite & at my office Repairs:
Special FREE Diagnostics (Only w/ repair)

***Computer News & Warnings
  • Beware of callers warning you that your Mac or PC is infected. (Yes Macs too)
    If you tell them call is being recorded for law enforcement, they hang up!
  • Mac users beware of Mackeeper - do NOT download & install
  • Beware of people calling saying they're with Microsoft or Apple telling you your computer is infected/hacked.
  • Beware of apps that do this same thing with a message on your computer screen.

  • Customer Service Motto: "As you want others to do to you, you also do to them likewise ." Jesus Christ

    Here's a list of my services:
  • Apple, imac, Mac, Macbook & iPad Repairs
    Replace LCDs, Hard Drives, logic boards, Memory,
    fix bezels & frame problmes, and jack repairs.
  • Pc Laptop Repairs
  • Computer Repairs, Replace Hard Drives,
    Motherboards, Memory, video cards
  • Data backup & dead HD data retrieval / Recovery
  • Buy / Sell computers & laptops - Free pickup/delivery if along the way I'm going.
  • Parts sales w/ delivery both retail & Wholesale
  • Sell on ebay for you
  • Website design - $50 special
  • Search engine Optimazation - 50-$100